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Now Available for Online or Face-to-Face Counseling Sessions


As “a counselor by nature and by profession”, I am a highly motivated individual who loves working with students & families.

My objective is to provide inspirational counseling through expert, empathetic, versatile, and clear communication that ensures all students self-actualize and make sound decisions based on their skills and educational experiences.

Student empowerment and social/personal development is an art that I have mastered over the years and I am well known in my counseling fraternity for my passion & dedication. 


I have the honor of being nominated by the College Boards in their 2020 Recognition Program.

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How I Can Help You!


Preparing students for college & careers with academic, social, personal and emotional counseling.

Test Preparations

Preparing students for SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL and EMSAT exams.

Tutoring Support

K-12 tutoring support by some of the best teachers with IB, AP and Cambridge background.

life coaching

Providing support to students and families who need empathy, direction and care.


What People Say

"With the guidance, insight, knowledge, and support received from Mr. Mansoor, I have attained a valuable outlook towards my academics and professional prospects. With his optimistic and encouraging spirit, he guided me in exploring my skills and talents, making me realize and utilize most of the potential within me. As he mentored me for a few years, I found myself more fulfilled both academically and intellectually. Mr. Mansoor’s invaluable ability is that he recognizes the potential in his mentees and directs them to take advantage of their capabilities.  I believe that the experiences he has harvested from working with people from around the globe and the extraordinary communication skills he possesses demonstrate his competence as not only an academic counselor but also a life-long mentor."

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Zafar Erkinboev, University of Waterloo - Honours Mathematics  🇺🇿

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